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HI, I  can't believe it....I just happened to catch mention of the Type  3
invasion!!!  I am so excited!  I wrote some time back about my  66 sqbk and
how I recently had an engine rebuild.  Started to drive  it, but for example
drove from work to store (20 min, engine not  hot).  Shop, come back to car,
and won't start.  Kicks over  pretty good first turn of key.  Next turn bogs
down and keeps bogging  further down with each subsequent attempt to start.

I can get going  again with a push start (labored start) OR if I wait an
hour or more.   It starts up after sitting overnight no problem.  The
problem surfaced  after the first 300 miles of driving on the newly  rebuilt

Now I have some ideas and intend to first go through  electrical connections
and ensure they are good and shiny.  Make sure  carbs are clean and
balanced.  Of course tune.  Have new starter  already.

I REALLY want to go to the rally.  I have 2 weeks to make  my ride more
dependable.  Could anyone please suggest anything else to  try?

Mara Davis CA
I'd check the point gap and the timing first. Maybe run the valves (check  
their gaps), then double check the carbs. It's possible that the starter and 
 it's bushing are tired or worn out.
Bob 65  Notch w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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