[T3] How do you adjust the rear drum brakes?

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Wed Sep 27 23:17:34 PDT 2017

 I always adjusted both on one wheel tight then backed off 3 to 4 clicks . Today I adjusted the rear shoe first then backed off the the front shoe. 

 The issue I'm having is when I back off 3 to 4 clicks I end up with no drag . I adjusted them because the pedal is lower because of shoe wear . If I pull up  on the parking brake the pedal is better of if I pump the pedal twice it's higher. 

 Now since I backed off less I have a higher pedal yet feels like to much drag . i can turn the wheels yet I would not call it free spinning . I don't have a spongy pedal and the brakes release . 

 Also since I've always done it with both wheels off the ground and the brakes have no drag you just count clicks . If there is drag with both wheels off the ground it's difficult to tell if one brake is dragging or both because one wheel will turn forward and the other the opposite so I feel both. 

 Is it better to just have one wheel off the ground of block the other so I only feel one brake to tell how much drag it has? 

 I've done this for years yet I think I waited to long and maybe there is more wear on the brake cylinder end than the adjuster end and now the shoes don't fit the drum as well as they should. 

 What I don't want to do is over heat the brakes and there is no way I can describe the amount of drag I feel. Usually I hear a tiny scrape sound , now they are just harder than normal to turn by hand , not what I would consider a slight drag. 

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