[T3] Giving up Stock FI

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Fri Dec 21 18:51:25 PST 2018

Well even knowing your altitude thats not bad!
 I think gas mileage can be improved with the use of a closed loop system,
at least under some conditions because D jet has to run too rich in areas so
that its not too lean in others, and with my custom setup the linearity of
the curve is going to be even more off than stock.

WOW!  your AFR's are high, Jake told me to stay under 14 on the highway, and
Ray Greenwood pointed out that with the sensor in the stock muffler the
readings may not be accurate over the whole range anyway.  I did run it into
the 15's on the leanest areas, seemed to be fine, if I believe those numbers

One of the things thats keeping me from squirting it is spare parts, I love
having the extra D jet stuff along so if something does go south, no matter
what it is, I can be on the other side of the country and still get it
going.  how easy is it to get spares or replacements with Megasquirt?


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Hi Keith

I have a 1776 I squirted in ... I want to say 2011? I was using it in a 68
squareback up until 2016. Daily-driver with several road-trips between
Colorado, California and Arizona.

I like to tinker and this engine has been through a lot of iterations. That
engine in the 68 was giving me 30-33 mpg routinely. When I decommissioned
the 68, I had gone distributorless and I was playing with a lean-cruise
setup with 16+ AFR targets and coordinated extra advance. Still
wasted-spark and bank fired injectors. Excellent drivability.

I'm not done though. I'll retire at the end of March and have a nice 67
fasty to put this drive train into. But without a work-commute I will need
to invent reasons to drive it. ;-)

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