[T3] Giving up Stock FI

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Now those lean-cruise AFRs deserve some explaining. I have my fuel and
timing maps set up such that the lean-cruise only applies at MAP less than
65 kPa. That is a very light power setting and it's hard to keep it there.
I didn't want the AFR to hang out any where near stochio so I set up a
pretty abrupt transition you can see here. The road where I took this
sample was undulating some so in order to maintain a fairly constant speed
required a little more throttle which push MAP over my threshold.
Ground-speed was around 67 mph at ~6000 feet.


BTW, ignore the CLT. In 2013 I had the sensor located in the oil in the
rocker galley in the 3/4 head. I couldn't keep it from leaking.

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