[T3] Giving up Stock FI

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Thanks, Ill use this for reference if I start down this road...
sounds like not too bumpy a road.

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I used some stock Type-3 stuff hardware. The manifolds and TB are stock
type-3 except that I fitted the TB for a 3-wire TPS and an open-element
temp sensor.

With the exception of the ECU the components I used are all easily got.

TPS is a Bosch 0 280 122 001. The CLT sensor a common GM closed element
unit I got from DIYAutoTune. The IAT sensor is just the open-element
version of the same sensor.

The Fuel pump is just an Airtex E2000 unit.

The injectors are from a 1997 Ford Escort 2.0 liter. You can still get then
re-manufactured. The connectors for these are very common.


The FPR is a boost adjustable thing from MSD I have plumbed into into the
MAP. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/MSD-2222/

I am using an in-line wideband controller from AEM with a Bosch 9.9 sensor.
And yes, closed loop is the only way to go AFAIC.


I have had a WB sensor go bad on me. My fuel-map was good enough that I
just disabled the closed loop feature with an app on my tablet and drove
home open-loop.

Now the ECU itself would be a problem if it failed out on the road. I
started with an assembled MS-2 from DYI AutoTune, but when I got rid of the
distributor I had the ECU modified for crank-trigger by Vario Velotta up at
the Dub Shop. So, the fact that I didn't do any of that work myself
probably makes it less likely I would  have issues with it. But it
certainly isn't something I could walk into a random FLAPs and order. Those
who are more electrically fluent might have a shot at fixing it. Not me.

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