[T3] Greetings from the Old World

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It's good to hear you and Anne are doing well. Sue and I are still around and things are going decently. With the weather being wet and cold, the Notch and Fastback are in hibernation mode until next spring. I've also got a friends 69 Square in the shop getting a seal job, as the rubbers were baked from the New Mexico sun. Right now all the glass (except the windshield) is out, and I'm trying to find someone to do the headliner replacement in it, as it's 1 of the few things I don't do.
Bob and Sue

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Nice to see the odd post on Type 3s, and I hope everyone has a very good Christmas and New Year.  We're both well, but the Variant is in need of some bodywork and an engine overhaul - a bit like us, really, and the Bug is still a partly dismantled project!
Dave and Anne, 
UK VW Type 3 and 4 Club.
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