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You need to measure the wear in the joints if you hope to just change the rubber boots.  There's a procedure described in most manuals.  If there's rust inside, you may well need new joints. 
VW don't supply the boots, but there are online places that can supply suitably large sized ones (at least on ebay uk). Lower ones have larger spigots.
It's not much less work to put in new joints, though, as long as there's no corrosion around the nut. I have known the oval hole in the torsion arm become rounded off.  
Before dismantling anything, be careful to pull the two torsion arms together so the pinch bolts can be undone without the spring tension  damaging their threads. They're special ht bolts with extra long shoulders.
Make sure new joints have nuts and spring washers; you will probably need them. Follow instructions for resetting the camber after. Upper and lower joints are different.

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Hello all,

I found my front suspension ball joints rubbers perished on my 1966 fastback. The joint seemed ok however there was a rust build up inside.

It is recommended to replace the joint or just the rubber boot if the joint proves sound?

Wonder what the group suggests?

Thanks again for all the feed back you provide.

Warm Regards,

Ross Clarke (Australia) 

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