[T3] Parts Or Metal Recycle?

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 26 20:54:50 PST 2018

It's near the end of my T-3 era.  Parts not available, willing-knowledgeable mechanics largely disappeared, difficulty of dealing with Very Old (often frozen) nuts & bolts, problems that "younger" cars don't get, and maybe the owner's age, have led to this.  VW has abandoned those with "vintage" cars.  (Just TRY to get a new muffler at a VW dealer.)

So....In the next month or so, I will have a basement full, and another room full, of no longer useful, for me. Question is...what VW parts ought NOT go to metal recycling if that can be avoided?   Haven't yet searched up what's of current value for actual T-3 use, and what's just for cashing in at the metal recycler.  Maybe for welding into sculpture?
Suggestions are hereby solicited about dealing with the following, in Philadelphia, PA:
* Two Sqbk rear hatch doors...four doors (2 ea.L & R)...a hood...a transmission...heater boxes...assortment of generators, fuel pumps, distributors, coils, brake cylinders, clutch cables, assortment of voltage regulators, relays and all that, torsion bars, flywheels, camshafts, used clutch disks (trash, right?), tie-rod ends, steering arms, headlights, tail lights, front parking light lenses, headlight trim, body trim, a few bumpers (not perfect), rear and front light lenses, fuses galore, two gas tanks, seat belts and mounts, a few pedal assemblies, clocks and speedometers, some turn signal switches (not for my '71), a couple steering wheels and columns, some door handles/window cranks, steering boxes, wiper motors, a glove compartment or two, engine air breathers, rocker shafts, heads, engine cover tin, heat exchangers, brake disks, ......and....you get the drift.  Plus light bulbs, and nuts, bolts, washers, rubber things, bleeder valves, air ducts and all that.  And more.
   Often, saved things have come in handy. Very soon...handy for someone else.
This is to ask this T-3 list for advice...what to simply recycle...and what to maybe keep and find new owners for?  Consider that shipping costs might be nuts if anyone in Calif or England wants a camshaft, crankshaft or flywheel.   But, hey...they're "vintage".

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