[T3] 2018 Type 3 Invasion - Wisconsin Caravan

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sat Jan 27 14:16:03 PST 2018

I'm a kind'a last minute guy, but my wife, Melissa, likes to see things get 
done way ahead of time. So, now that we're into the New Year, it seemed 
like time to stop putting off planning for this year's Invasion. I just made our 
reservations at the Scottsboro Hampton Inn. We're looking forward to seeing 
everyone again, especially our Huntsville hosts, Peg & Marion.

I don't know which car we'll be taking, but it will be either the '69 or the '71. 
Both are "favorites," although it's hard to choose. It's been so warm here this 
winter that I may have time to prep both. That will make the choice harder, 
although the '71 didn't get to go last time, so it's her turn. The '71 may get 
prepped first, but, OTOH, the '69 didn't get out last year.

We'll be leaving Wisc. on Wednesday, so we can get to the host motel on 
Thursday. It looks like it should be an easy 2 day drive. If you're in WI, MN, 
IL, IN, or western KY or TN, speak up so we can caravan together. 
Remember, getting there is half the fun.

Those of you who have been to previous Invasions know that I always carry 
a wide range of spare parts and Type 3 specific small parts/odds & ends, but 
you should speak up ahead of time if there's something you're looking for. 
There are LOTs of things that I could bring, that I wouldn't think to bring, 
unless someone asks for it. If you pick it up at the Invasion, "shipping" is 
free. Sorry, no doors, fenders, or bumpers; those are just too large.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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