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adjusted the valves tonight... oil change when I get back from the lake
Monday... almost ready! Oh Boy!


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Here are some last minutes details for all Invaders:

Thursday night early bird gathering:  The gathering is scheduled to begin at
6 pm CDT, but if you want to come a little early that will be fine.  If you
plan to attend the gathering and have not told me, please let me know.  We
are serving food, and we want to make sure we prepare enough.  Our address
is 633 Main Street North, Section, AL 35771.  Our address is new, so we are
not in some GPS units.  If you need directions, please call.  Proceed south
on AL Hwy 35 from the host hotel and drive approximately 8 miles up the
mountain to the only traffic signal in Section.  Turn left at the traffic
light and drive 6/10th of a mile and turn left at a concrete driveway
flanked by two brick walls.  Upon arriving at the residence, proceed up the
driveway between the house and the detached garage.   Someone will probably
be there to direct you.

VW Factory cruise:  Forty-five attendees out of a total of 53 participants
have requested that I order a box lunch for them from the VW factory
caterer.  I will place this order on Tuesday, June 12.  Please notify me
before this date if your plans change and you do or do not want to be
included in this order.  I can add a few more box lunches after this date,
but that number will be limited.  I will collect the funds ($10 per person)
at the Thursday gathering and Friday just prior to leaving on the cruise, so
be prepared to pay me then. Please note that the host hotel in the Central
time zone and the VW Factory in the Eastern time zone.  Remember, due to our
need to be at the VW factory between 9:30 and 10am EDT, we will be pulling
out of the host hotel at 7:00am CDT sharp.  If you miss the initial
departure, you can come at your leisure, but plan to arrive by 10am EDT. The
route to the factory is easy to remember from the hotel--North on US 72 to
I-24 east to I-75 north to Exit 9 off I-75.  Turn left at the top of the
ramp and follow the first roundabout left to the factory parking entrance.
Turn right into the factory parking lot, turn right at the dead end and
proceed to the conference center on the left (the first building you come
to). Turn left and proceed down the driveway on the left side of the
building.  All Type 3 vehicles will be entering the atrium of the building
through a door in the center rear of the building.  Invaders in non T3
vehicles are to park in the visitor's parking lot which is adjacent to the
left side of the building.  Presently there are approximated 30 Type 3
vehicles signed up participate in the cruise.

Hotel reservations:  May 24 was the deadline for making reservations at the
host hotel, but reservations can still be made if they have rooms available.
Also, the last time I checked there were still some cabins available in
Jackson County Park.

Hotel rates:  A few people did not register at the host hotel using the Type
3 Invasion link.  If you did not tell them that you were a part of the
Invasion, you may have been charged a higher rate.  If this is the case,
call the hotel directly (256-259-5200) before you arrive and make sure they
know you are part of the Volkswagen Type 3 Invasion group.  If you check in
with the higher rate, they cannot change it later.

Access to the host hotel:  The host hotel Hampton Inn is located at the
intersection of US Hwy 72 and AL Hwy 35.  Going south on 72, it will be on
the left next to the Wal-Mart.  Even though the Wal-Mart is next to it,
there is no vehicle access to it from the Wal-Mart parking lot.  The only
access road to the hotel is through the Home Depot parking lot.  

Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Marion McDonald
2018 Type 3 Invasion Host
mmmpwm at bellsouth.net

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