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Dennis Stiefel dad23boys at live.com
Fri Jun 8 05:16:54 PDT 2018

Keith one of the local metrologist here in north Alabama said the same thing it was going to miss us.  James Spann out of Birmingham or Jason Simpson out of Huntsville are two good metrologist you can look up for our weather around here.  We had remnants of a tropical system come through here about a week and half ago. Looks like an active hurricane season.

Dennis Stiefel
Rainsville AL

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On Jun 7, 2018, at 8:03 PM, Keith Park <topnotch at nycap.rr.com<mailto:topnotch at nycap.rr.com>> wrote:

Weather is looking pretty good, but those that get their weather from their phones IGNORE IT!

For the past 10 days the US model (GFS) has had a tropical storm forming and drowning the

Invasion but there is virtually NO chance of this happening, the EURO model which doenst have the problem

Of initialized data that is too warm has NO sign of any storm at all.  So don’t worry what you see

In the long range forecasts, it actually looks Normal to a bit cool with relatively Normal rainfall (remember,

Its Alabama and there are a lot of afternoon Thunderstorms around this time of year, that’s Normal but Marion has

A pavilion we can duck under if we have to but also remember… its NEVER rained on an invasion!

No matter what, it will still be a blast!  Now to find those Anco’s for the trip down Wed…  😊


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