[T3] Thanks to all

Dennis Stiefel dad23boys at live.com
Mon Jun 18 04:53:26 PDT 2018

Would like to thanks to all who came to our neck of the woods. It was great to meet so many friends who I have had on line for years to finally put a face and voice to. Thanks for all the knowledge all y’all brought to me and others. Thanks for the ones who came to my school and put up with me and gave me some great pointers on Clementine. Looks like I’ll be doing some work on her this summer as I don’t drive her much this time of year anyway as y’all have got a short taste of our summers and know what I’m talking about. Hope everyone had a safe trip back. I myself had to leave NE Alabama as I am in Savannah GA (about 8 hrs from home) to take my youngest son to the Beta club National convention so he can complete in the social studies competition. That why I had to leave a little early. I’ve got to go to another one of these it was fun! 

Dennis Stiefel 

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