[T3] Is there an economical way to get a car relocated?

Dorough, Don CIV, NPPSC N3/PSD Pensacola don.dorough at navy.mil
Mon Jun 18 06:58:57 PDT 2018

My '70 Fastback is in need of a lot of "patch panels" and I found a parts car that I think has all the stuff I need, the problem is it's in San Francisco CA and I'm in Pensacola FL!

Does anybody have an idea of the most economical way to get a car moved all the way across country?   I'd love to get this car (because the price of the car is right) but I'm just thinking when you add in the shipping it's not going to be worth it.  

I'm open to suggestions.  I could keep looking, but the problem with most of the cars in my area (southeast) is that they tend to have the same rust issues that I’m already dealing with.


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