[T3] First Invasion

Larry Thrasher larryt3162 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 19 20:18:57 PDT 2018

Thanks for a great experience on my first Invasion. It was good to be able to see so many different T3's and put faces to heretofore, just names. 
I learned so much from just about everyone, and I appreciate your readiness to share. We made it back to Ar this afternoon, after taking a detour up to eastern Ky to see an old friend. Also decided to take the opportunity to take the Hickman/Dorenna Ferry actoss the Miss River. We were lucky (?) enough to be the only passenger. It was an interesting experience, but the source of our only issue on the trip. Driving off the ferry, we drug the muffler and dislodged one of the donuts. From there on, (about 250 mi) it sounded like a tractor when idling. I definitely would not recommend the ferry to any car that has been lowered or has any low hanging installations.Many thanks to Marion and Peg for hosting the event. Total mileage for us was 1,450. 
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