[T3] Engine is out!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Fri Jun 22 18:35:45 PDT 2018

Well Jim came up with a scenerio  that was worth one final Hail Mary with
the marvel mystery oil

but to no avail, still 50lbs on #2 after driving it to work today.  Stuck
rings could still be the issue

but I cant think of another way to free them.


Im home this weekend as its a rainout, so I pulled the engine this afternoon
and can work in the garage.

I have to pull the tranny too, and will relube the CV's and rear wheel
bearings while im at it.  Have to 

prep the 2056, find a way to put some fresh cam lube on the new cam, I
imagine that what was on there as flowed off

in the past 8 years.


Lots to do, but the project has started!




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