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 I understand that water and dirt came enter the fuel tank because of the overflow hose being cracked or missing. What I don't quite understand is since the fuel flows from the tank through the fuel filter to the pump and there is that much water in the bottom of the tank since the tanks outlet is at the very bottom I would think the car would not run very well with enough water at the tanks bottom. It might mix with the fuel during driving and ethanol attracts moisture making things worse. Years ago when ever water was in the fuel the car would just quit but back then we had no ethanol added. All fuel tanks draw fuel from the bottom , maybe not like these tanks which you can run dry since the outlet is at the very bottom. What am I missing here?


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Today I was able to get under the Fastback with good light and I found the leaks and fortunately  it was not the tank leaking.  I temporarily replaced some hose and stopped the leaks.  Not sure it the hose is correct!  Also found the car had the incorrect filter installed in a jury rigged manner.  I need the following;  The fuel hose F/FI 1971 Fastback, enough to do the entire car; The rubber mount for the FI Fuel Pump; The simple FI Fuel Primer K;it F/ MT cars; and a set of Louver Covers.  I believe that comes to $88.00 plus shipping and the PayPal Charge.

I also need the Fan Switch that goes on the dash left of the steering wheel above the emergency and headlight switches.  I need a knob for  the seat back release.  If you have these parts let me know the full price for all including the above items in paragraph one and I will send it with PayPal.  Also need the correct fuel filter for this car if you have it!  

The speedometer started working today, we will see what happens.  If it quits again I will send it and the clock to you as the clock stopped sometime ago.  Appreciate your advice and help!

art sterrett
aochief5778 at att.net

> On Jun 22, 2018, at 08:42, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> On 21 Jun 2018 at 15:24, art sterrett wrote:
>> My 1971 Fastback is in need!  Got home from the invasion and found
>> that my fuel tank is leaking in several places on the bottom.  Does
>> anyone have a fuel tank to sell that would fit this car?  It´s fuel
>> injected with a manual transmission.  What might be my other options
>> should I not  be able to obtain another fuel tank, does anyone sell
>> them or repair them? 
> If it's actually leaking THRU the bottom of the tank, that means rust, which 
> means that water has gotten in the tank, sunk to the bottom, and been 
> allowed to stay. This probably means that your overflow hose is cracked and 
> you haven't done anything to fix it. I sell kits to repair this common problem. 
> This is just one of the bad outcomes from ignoring a cracked overflow hose.  
> You might be able to find a radiator shop that could solder the holes shut, 
> but if there are holes, there are probably other places that are thin and ready 
> to perforate. Some shops will try to sell you a coating for inside the tank. DO 
> NOT DO THIS. It will clog the small passages in the FI tank and lead to 
> replacing the tank. A waste of money and counterproductive on our FI tanks.  
> I think I still have a good '71 FI fuel tank, but the hard part is figuring out how 
> to get it to you. Too bad you didn't discover the problem before the invasion, 
> because it could have come down with me.
>> My speedometer quit working today, the needle does not move but the
>> mileage is working.  No speed showing, no trip mileage, but the
>> regular mileage is working.  Would it be the cable or something
>> internal in the speedometer. 
> I fix lots of problems with speedos, mainly '71 and later odos that no longer 
> work. It's hard for me to understand what could cause your particular set of 
> symptoms, as the speedo pretty much has to work for any of the odo to work. 
> If you want to send it to me, I can probably fix it, or replace it.
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