[T3] 2018 Type 3 Invasion Wrap-up

John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Sat Jun 23 18:10:47 PDT 2018

Another Invasion is in the books!  30 different Type 3s and lots of Invaders that made it without their cars.

I have heard from most folks and they are all home safe & sound.  Jill and I had  great time.  Neither Sophy nor Jill’s Ghia had any major issues the entire 1600 mile round trip.  The Ghia did have a brake light that was intermittent, but I was able to fix it by bending the spring contact a little tighter.  We were able to cruise at 70 mph and got right around 25 mpg average in both cars.  We used about 4 quarts of oil between the two cars.

It was hot and humid, but bearable.  The pool at the hotel was a welcome relief each day.  Speaking of the host hotel, it was fantastic.  The staff was wonderful and the rooms and facilities first rate.

Everything ran like clockwork thanks to all the hard work and planning that Marion & Peg did.  They really raised the bar yet again for our future hosts.  Thank you both so much.

Finally, we raised $1812.50 for our Invasion Charity, the Arc of Jackson County.  I am continually humbled by the generosity of your Type 3 community.

I created a simple webpage with about 175 photos and comments from the Invasion.  It might take a minute or so to load all the pictures depending on the speed of your connection since I loaded them all on one page.  Here it the link…


There are also lots of folks posting on the Invasion Facebook group page if you are so inclined…


See every one in 2020!

John Jaranson

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