[T3] Question on my 73 T-3 Square back . Charging system.

William J catnine09 at dslextreme.com
Sat Jun 30 23:27:05 PDT 2018

 Tonight was the first time since 2006 I drove at night . With the head lights and tail on even at 2500 RPM the VDO voltage gauge was just at about 12.5 volts at least that's what it looked like since these gauges are not equal spaced marks and at idle it was below 12 volts. Now without the lights on at idle it's a bit above 12 volts and at 2500 RPM above 14 volts. 

 I only ask because it's been so long I forgot what it used to read. I did adjust it because it read low a while back and on VDO volt meters they provide an adjustment screw so I set it to match what my DVOM reads and it was steady and the same at all RPM's as the DVOM. As soon as I turned off the lights when I parked the car the volt meter came back to 14 volts. The interstate battery is less than a year old never went dead and reads 12.5 to 12.6 volts after the surface voltage drains off. 

 Does this sound normal ? The gen light never came on yet it does work . 


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