[T3] What to Recycle?

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 26 16:31:42 PDT 2018

Planning to end VW Type III era here...but have a barge-load of Spare Parts of all kinds...except fresh out of front axle beams.  They got stolen from back yard years ago.  When I finally sell my '71 to a Rich Collector, I'll have everything from brake disks, master cylinders, a box of relays and Voltage Regulators, and calipers and generators and fuel pumps, camshafts, lights and fixtures, clutch disks, flywheels, heads, valves, a transmission, ball joints, torsion bars, ETCETERA Etc....plus two doors, a rear hatch, some bumpers and fenders, windshield and other windows, seat-belts, and again ETC...not to mention hub caps, with some dents.

Not thinking to sell anything here but just to get an idea of what to keep and what to throw....what to later TRY to sell for restoration people or regular owners...and what to schlep off to metal recycle yards.    That is....I don't know, and cannot test or guarantee, if brake master cylinders, coils, generators, distributors, injectors, calipers, etc etc are any good...not to mention the elec. relays and the like.

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