[T3] What to Recycle?

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Tue Mar 27 16:18:32 PDT 2018

Ill have to keep this in mind when I do my cleanout this year too,
Im ridding myself of most of the stuff that you see sitting on the samba
for years and not selling, like slightly corroded mirrors or door handles,
cracked lenses or chipped bases.  if they are solid or perfect I think they
are worth keeping (would someone use it on their restoration?)
otherwise...not worth the time to organize, picture, post, pack and ship the

That said, I have a shed full of solid sheetmetal, a rarity in the Northeast
but I REALLY need to move it on.

What do folks think about RIMS? another stack I need to rid myself of, misc
old bug and bus wide 5's but one set of very rusty on the outside but
straight early (pre 64) T3 rims, are those rare enough to warrant keeping or
selling in that condition?

So many questions...


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None of us like to see good parts recycled, but deciding what to keep and 
what to toss is always difficult. If you're saving body panels that are
toss them. There's very little demand for body parts other than perfect
fenders and bumpers. Heavy parts like brake rotors, generators, or starters 
are likely to be too expensive to ship, and they are readily available in
aftermarket. I'd be tempted to take camshafts if they aren't too worn, but
are bulky and would have to be packed carefully to survive shipping.

Clutch parts can be tossed, likewise flywheels.

Ball joints and tie rod ends are usable if the boots are still intact,

Windshields are good if they are intact. Most other glass, much less so.

Seat belts don't sell, but various relays have occasional value. OG Bosch 
coils are good to keep.


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