[T3] 2018 Type 3 Invasion

Marion McDonald mmmpwm at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 28 18:45:51 PDT 2018



On March 25, 2018 Jim Adney wrote:



Count Melissa and me in for all the events, except that Melissa could be 
talked out of the Factory tour if there are other equally disinterested
willing to stay behind and commiserate.

We have hotel reservations for 4 nights, but we could cancel Sunday night if

everyone plans to head toward home Sunday afternoon. I'd be interested in 
hearing what others are planning.

We're looking forward to seeing Marion & Peg, as well as all the other 
Invaders, but still haven't decided which Squareback will make the trip.





According to data on reservations I received from the hotel, you are only
registered for 3 nights.  There is only one person presently registered for
four nights, so most are leaving on Sunday afternoon.  For reasons unknown,
your registration was not initially included with the other Type 3
registrations, but I had them move it over to the Type 3 group.  Your may
want to check with the hotel on the nights reservation discrepancy.  


Marion McDonald 

Section, Alabama

71 Fastback



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