[T3] 2018 Type 3 Invasion

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Oh, Im getting in the mood!
How far is the drive from the invasion to the factory?


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On March 27, 2018, Chris Slaymaker wrote:

I will be driving from Knoxville, but I plan to rendezvous with everyone at
the VW plant in Chattanooga. Realizing full well that VW time has no basis
in actual time, what is the ETA?  

My wife and I have rented a cabin for Friday and Saturday night, so count us
in for the lunch in Chattanooga, plus all festivities thereafter.


The plan is for Invaders cruising from the hotel to arrival at the VW
Factory at 10 am Eastern Daylight time on Friday, but there should not be a
problem if you arrive before the caravan arrives.  The factory's address is
8001 Volkswagen Drive, Chattanooga.  It is west of I-75 off exit 9.  I will
send you a separate email with an attachment which shows the route we should
take upon arrival at the factory.  Our cars will be entering the conference
center through the rear.  I will get John to add this to the Invasion
website also in case there are others who plan to meet us at the factory.

Regarding the cabin rental, Jackson County Park has informed me that they
recently decided to charge the Type 3 people the winter cabin rates which
are considerably less than the summer rate.  Even though you registered
using the summer rate, they will adjust your total rental amount when you
check in to reflect the winter rate.  They should know that you are with the
T3 group when you arrive, but remind them.
I will add you and your wife to the Friday and Saturday night activity
headcount list.

Marion McDonald
Section, Alabama
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