[T3] rear wheel alignment

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Sat May 5 14:35:51 PDT 2018

The spec for rear toe on my Beetle was about 20 mins toe out, IIRC.  Maybe it should be 0.5 degrees (30 mins) toe out?

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I'm trying to understand the alignment specs on our cars., and I apologize
if this has been recently discussed before now.

According to the brown Bentley manual, front axle section 7, page 5, it
states the toe-in spec is only 0 degrees, 40 minutes, +/- 15 minutes. Got
it. Makes sense.

Now going to section 1 on rear axle alignment, page 75, it says "if the rear
edge of the wheel is closer to this (longitudinal) axis of the car than its
front, the wheel is said to be toed out (-)".

Then on page 76, Table 1. Rear Wheel Alignment, it says the rear wheel toe
spec on a squareback is "-5 degrees 0 minutes, +/- 0 degrees 10 minutes". If
I read this correctly, this means the rear wheels are toed out 5 degrees.

So my first question; Is this a misprint where it instead should read +5
degrees 0 minutes?

Secondly, why on earth would you want your rear wheels to be toed as much as
5 degrees? Wouldn't you want them to be toed-in very little just like the
front end?

Dave Pallo

'72 Square ~ Elwood

Fairport, New York


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