[T3] Western Great Lakes Invasion Caravan

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sat May 19 06:21:13 PDT 2018

I'm going to the 2018 Invasion and hoping to be part of a caravan from this 
part of the US. I've already sent out an email to people from the list of 
Invaders on the web site, but this message is for people who think they 
might come with us but haven't committed yet.

So far we have only 6 potential cars, and I suspect some of them won't 
actually join us. There's one more car from WI, one car from the Chicago 
area, and 2 cars from MO, then no one else from IL, KY, or TN. Surely there 
are others. Email me directly if you're one of those, and I'll add you to my 
small caravan list.

I plan to drive from Madison, WI to the Invasion in Scottsboro, AL, starting 
Wednesday morning, June 13, and plan to arrive in time for the Thursday 
evening dinner at Marion & Peg's place. Total drive time is ~12 hours, which 
should make for an easy 2 day drive, with plenty of time for stops for gas, 
food, and repairs.

Here's my proposed route:

I-39 from Madison to Normal, IL

I-74 from Normal to Champaign, IL

I-57 from Champaign to where I-24 splits off in southern IL

Overnight somewhere in western Kentucky

I-24 from the split to Kimball, TN

US-72 from Kimball to Scottsboro, AL

I hope to pick up other Invaders along the way, at prearranged times and 
places. I'm willing to modify the route above if it helps you join the caravan, 
but everything depends on who will actually be joining us and when/where 
that will happen.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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