[T3] Tie Rod Ends....

Soren Jacobsen snj at blef.org
Sat May 19 22:37:13 PDT 2018

On 05/18 22:37, J. Jonik wrote:
> Need to replace left tie rod end...the end closest to the wheel. 
> Getting ready to remove it and then replace it with whichever tie-rod
> end I have in my collection. Will look for identical replacement,
> that's not worn and wiggly....but how to be sure which spares ARE
> identical?....or otherwise suitable for replacing the bad one?   What
> about the ends on the long tie rods....or drop arms...whatever they're
> called?     The left tie-rod end screws in to the left...so it
> unscrews to the right...if that's correct.

Lucky for you, the outer tie rod ends are all straight, which means
they're shared with Bugs.  Easy to find if you don't already have a good
one in your collection.  The only tricky ones to find are the angled
ends, which are used on the inner end of the short tie rod.

As Jim notes, you'll know you've got the right tie rod end because it'll
be the same as the one you took off ;)

Give it a little squirt of grease before installing.  A grease gun with
a needle fitting works well for this, and you should be able to do it
without poking a hole in the rubber boot.


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