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That would have to drain through the rear fender drains, which are only
pressings in the fender, and do get blocked with mud and debris over time.
Something to poke out regularly when you do the door bottom drains - which
of course you do regularly.
What do you mean, you want to get more than 10 years use from your
Volkswagen?    ;-) 

I'm not a fan of cutting holes in a roof either. When the rain froze in the
Golf 3 sunroof drains and was the last area to thaw, it flooded into the
inside, knocked out the alarm sensor, which can't be set any more, and
lifted the lining fabric on the headlining panel.  I hate sunroofs too!

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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On 05/24 07:29, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 23 May 2018 at 20:52, Soren Jacobsen wrote:
> > The drain point at the rear fenders is just silly.  It's way too high.
> It's not clear to me that this is a problem. Are you worried about
> As long as the exit is lower than the pan it should drain okay.

Where is the drain located on your 1969?  On my 1965, it's much higher than
the pan (just below the top fender bolts).  Here's an old picture of the
left side rear drain point before I added the plastic hose (routed through a
convenient rust hole at the bottom!):


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