[T3] type3-vwtype3.org Digest, Vol 92, Issue 15

Soren Jacobsen snj at blef.org
Tue May 29 00:17:20 PDT 2018

On 05/25 06:46, Jim Adney wrote:
> Well, that's pretty disgusting! I've never had my rear fenders off, so
> I had no idea where they were. I've looked with the fenders on, but
> could never tell where the water came out. That's a terrible place.
> It's not so much that it's high, but that it drains right into the
> wheel well brace that's prone to rust.  I'm surprised, however, at how
> large in diameter the tube is.

Yep, rotten (ha!) spot to dump water.  But hey, if the car is only
expected to last 10-15 years anyway, I guess it's understandable.

> Any chance that there used to be some plastic tubing there from the factory 
> that had fallen off?

Unfortunately, there really was no additional tubing from the factory.
I'm not sure how well it'd work to add your own extensions, as I did,
unless you've got a rather rusty car.  The rusted-away sections made it
much easier to drain straight to the street :)

> Any chance you have a similar photo of the front exits?  

I don't have a great photo of it, because the fronts haven't caused me
any trouble.  There's a little bit of rust where the tube meets the A
pillar at its exit point, but I figure that's just poor welding/seam
sealing.  Anyway, I found this old photo that I took for other purposes,
and you can just barely see where the front sunroof drain tube exits:


If you squint, you'll see that inside the large dark teardrop on the A
pillar is a smaller darker teardrop.  That's the sunroof drain tube,
which has a kind of cool look to it up close.  It's cut at an angle to
make it flush with the A pillar.  Very stylish -- a shame it's hidden.


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