[T3] Chassis restoration: a horror story

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sun Nov 4 15:39:45 PST 2018

I used a cheap version of Dynamat, basically the same thing.
MAKE SURE your car doesnt leak before you put anything on the floor you cant
remove, Soren makes a very important point here, once the water is under the

tar it never dries up till it rots thru.

The one thing I dont like about the foil backed tar is that over the engine
it gets warm enough that the tar gets soft and you will get it on you etc.
where there are seams and edges, duck tape over these areas helps but


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> On Nov 1, 2018, at 9:54 AM, Mara Johnson <drmarajjohnson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the tips.  All I know for sure is back quarter is gone.  I
> think I will start there, but also investigate what I might be truly
> dealing with as you suggest.  What do you replace the old sound deadening
> material with?  My rear engine compartment sound deadening material is
> so I have been thinking about this.

I haven't yet decided what to do about the floor insulation.  Some folks use
Dynamat or equivalent, some people like closed cell foam.  I'm a bit
hesitant to put down anything adhesive, because I'd like to be able to
remove it for purposes of drying out.  Seems like anything mostly-stuck to
the floor is just going to trap in moisture. I want to make sure that
whatever I put down ends up lying mostly flat.  If you use something that
hugs the pan tightly (like Dynamat), you end up with carpet (or rubber mats,
if I'm ever lucky enough to find a usable set) that has ribs in it.

For engine compartment sound deadening material, you might be able to buy a
kit from Wolfsbürg West and cut it to fit.  They sell real nice stuff for
Bugs, and it's the same material.  I'd have to check engine compartment
dimensions, though -- I have a feeling the type 3 front piece might be a bit
wider than on a Bug.  Height would be no problem.

> Are you still 6V?

Yeah, still 6V.  I've got a good stash of 6V parts, so as long as I can get
Optima batteries, I think it'll remain 6V.  The only thing I'm missing is a
way to charge my phone.

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