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Yes, in under the rear window to the sides, then down the sides to the middle.
It also slightly narrows as it flows along the sides, possibly speeding up the air? 
I don't really know as I'm not an aerodynamics engineer. There's also the possibility 
 that the spring pockets for the rear trunk lid hampers air flow too.

If you ever look behind the panel behind the rear fenders of a Fasty or Square, you 
see that big pocket get shrunk to about a 5 by 6 inch opening, then it curves inward 
only to open back up to fill the space between the rear apron and the cooling boot 
panel. There are photos of this on the Samba. The early cars even got a deflector in 
the cooling boot opening to help direct air flow. This was dropped on the later cars. I 
don't know why though. It's possible that after VW turned the vent slots on the rear 
fenders, that they felt they didn't need that part anymore. My 65 Notch has this part, 
while the 71 Notch I rebuilt doesn't. Neither does Sue's 70 Fastback or my old 70 

I find it odd, that my 65 has that deflector piece, but my old 71 Notch didn't. It's not 
like VW made the cooling slots larger on the later Notchbacks. In fact about the 
only real change was the left cooling duct, as VW needed some room to put the 
ECU there in the cooling air flow. They even installed little dams there to redirect 
water flow inside the duct on that side. 

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I'm not familiar with the cooling air passages on Notches, but with the intake 
louvers behind the rear window, doesn't that mean that the air must flow 
sideways, then to the rear, then back to the center where the engine can 
suck it in? If so, that's a lot worse than the other body styles.

Just thinking out loud....

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