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SeaFoam is a gas additive which gets burned with the gas. Dilution 
instructions are on the bottle. IIRC, 1 bottle will do 1-2 of our 10 
gallon tanks. It's not something you need to do regularly.

It was explained to me that you use Sta-Bil to keep gas from gumming 
up in storage, but you use SeaFoam if you forgot to use Sta-Bil or if 
the storage was for so long that the gas gummed up anyway.

I don't know how it works, and I've not tried it extensively enough 
to know how effective it really is. I assume it has some sort of 
solvent effect on the gum. It's just something that was recommended 
to me by people I trust.  


On 30 Sep 2018 at 18:58, Gary Forsmo wrote:

> 1.)  What (chemically) does Seafoam do when added to the fuel tank?
> 2.)  What quantity is added to our 10+ gallon tank?
> 3.)  How many "treatments" are recommended?
> Since we've been cautioned about putting products  (which "coat" the inside
> of our fuel tanks) why is Seafoam recommended?
> Does Seafoam get
> 1.)"mixed" with the fuel
> 2.) pumped through the filter, fuel pump, fuel lines, injectors and burned
> it the cylinders WITHOUT creating any I'll effects?
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