[T3] Those Muffler nuts~!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Mon Oct 8 17:10:23 PDT 2018




Well after 27 years it was time to pull Hothe's muffler off the old engine,
when I did the valve jobs I always removed it with the 

Rear heater boxes, not wanting to deal with the flange nuts.  Living in the
rust belt I live on anti-seize, we even eat it around here (yes,

There is a food grade) but 27 years after slathering it on will it still do
its job?


Well for the right heaterbox it DID!  Loosened it without much issue.  For
the left box, not so much.  I heated the left nut

Up cherry red 4 or 5 times before it finally came loose but it DID!  Im
still debating on weather or not to rebuild the stock engine

So Ill have something in case the T4 quits.  Its running well mechanically
but I do have a name for it:  Colden

That's Colden Clackey.  I hear a lot of upper end rattlies with this motor
when its cold,  I thought I had piston slap but Jake

Told me not to worry about that when its cold, the KB pistons I have in
there are noisy when cold.  I also have what sounds like a loose

Valve clearance, but Ill find out about that more when I do the oil change
this week and adjust them, its chrome moly PR's so they are 0 clearance

There is a lot of gear noise too from the cam gear, but when your only
option is a 0 gear these days some of these will no doubt be noisy.

Once warmed up, it's a very Normal sounding engine.





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