[T3] Different Carbs

Jeff C knowonelse at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 19:38:45 PDT 2018

In trying to solve my too-much-fuel-flow-at-idle left carb, I hit upon the
idea of installing one of my spare carbs ( I have two extra pairs of carbs)
just to see if it is indeed the carb that is the problem (which I think it

So, I got the carbs from the box they've been for over 30 years to find one
that looked clean and swapped just a couple of external parts over.

The carbs I've been using since I bought the car are 34 PDSITs and this
other one is a 32 PDSIT carb.

What is the difference between the carbs?

Will there be a problem with having one 32 and one 34 on the same engine?

Jeff '67 Sqbk stock
Nevada City, CA
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