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Marciano Pitargue mpitargue at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 17:27:02 PDT 2018

> > I have my transaxle out. I want to get it freshened up before putting
> > it back in the car.  Can anyone recommend a transmission shop in the
> > San Jose, CA area that can do this?
> Is there some problem you're hoping to cure? How many miles on this
> tranny? In most cases, you're better off leaving it alone. Factory built
> trannys
> tend to be good for 200k to 300k miles.

The only desire to freshen up the tranny is because it's out and I want
peace of mind.  I took off the axles as one seems bent, and the short axles
put on the tranny are pretty chewed up on the inner side.  The curved
shaped end of the axle tube, the daisies and the fulcrum plates are scraped
up as well and imho, will need to be replaced.  I dunno if they went in
that way or if they became damaged after the hurried installation of them.
The PO painted over the caked on dirt/mud on the transaxle case which
really didn't build confidence on the mod.

I have changed the transmission oil twice and never seen huge chunks of
dirt or contaminate come out. I never had any shifting problems or gears
popping out.  So, I suspect the transmission is fine.  But I'm a pessimist
at heart.  :-)

Also, another route is to find a late model swing axle transaxle with the
factory LSD.  I think they exist?

San Jose, CA
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