[T3] 65 Brakes

Ray Gifford ray at mendomail.com
Fri Oct 19 09:28:37 PDT 2018

I have a 65 notch, and the front right side is leaking brake fluid.  I need to replace the brakes and wheel cylinders.  I call Bill and Steve’s and got a little run around but the final answers were, the brake shoes and cylinders are not available, they think the brake brake shoes can be modified to fit the front, if I want to put disc brakes on, i have to replace the front end with a newer front end, or I can call Old Speed? and see if they have something or can make me something.  There have to be other solutions?  If I can’t get shoes and do need to replace the front end, why not buy the adapter and put a type 1 front end on?

Please, bathe me in your wisdom.


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