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I used to use mine yet for the little it does the noise is not worth it. When I was painting my 73 in 85 I took the air box out and cleaned everything and replaced the 4 rubber mounts  as well as the failed foam crap on the flaps. It was for me just a complete waste of time. 

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> You do realize that there are 2 styles those motors.You'll need to
> remove the one in your air box to determine which 1 you need.
> They all make noise, with little air movement on low, more noise
> and some air on medium, and a lot of noise and some air on high.

I'm not aware of any of our fan motors with 3 speeds. All the ones I've ever 
seen had just 2 speeds. There are 2 versions of those, but they are pretty 
much the same externally and work with the same switch.

There are some flexible flaps inside the airbox which can tear loose, making 
the fan pretty useless. If the flaps are in good shape, the fans push a good 
amount of air. The flaps let air bypass the fan if the car is moving quickly, but 
if the flaps are broken, the air just gets pumped around and around inside 
the box unless the car is moving fast, in which case, you didn't need the fan.

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