[T3] Brake Line

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 15:25:30 PDT 2018

'71 Sqbk.  
  While replacing the leaky driver side rear brake cylinder with a brand new (and inexpensive) one, the fuel line tube broke just at the attachment nut.   
  Did plenty of Liquid Wrench to prevent that, but...maybe didn't let it soak for a few days.
   Since so little twisted off, is there any chance of extracting the bit of broken brake line from the attachment nut...and re-inserting the nicely finished brake line tip?     Brake line will be just over half an inch shorter, but line will easily reach.
  If such a fix is possible, how to make the "mushroom" tip?

Or...is there no option but to find a new brake line for driver side rear brakes?

This is a short brake line section. No spares in my collection.  Haven't taken broken one off yet to measure.

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