[T3] The time has come to sell the Fastback

Doug Brashear dougbrashear at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 13:02:09 PDT 2018

Hello all,
Well, the time has come for me to sell my '73 Fastback. I've has it since '97, and it has only 70K or so miles and is a strong runner, with the stock FI and manual tranny. 
L61B Sumatra Green on the outside and tan on the inside, with some nice additions here and there. It's no show winner, but is a solid daily driver. It has some nice additions, too, like recent paint, foglights, pump-operated windshield washers wired to the windshield washer lever on the stalk, T-handle shifter, GT steering wheel from ISP West (though I have the original, too), rear popout windows, new fuel pump, 4-speaker stereo with Bluetooth speakerphone, new allow wheels with recent tires, and more. It looks great and drives well. Heater boxes are solid and the heat is great, the exhaust is an over the top header (but I also have a brand new dual quiet pack the buyer can have), the interior looks good enough, and a bunch of parts are very new (ball joints, tie rod ends, front wheel bearings, brakes all around, steering dampener, discs, fuel pump, etc.). I've been very regular with the oil changes for both the engine and tranny.
It has some challenges, too: it's been hit a few times and, though straight, could use some door seal tailoring to eliminate a water leak. The quarter panel skins, front wheel well, and rear areas have all seen some patching (all done via welding), and the rear decklid is an adapted earlier model that works, but wont pass the purity test. The passenger side window is harder to raise/lower. The blower fan doesn't work. And I wasn't able to get the horn circuit to work through the new steering wheel's button so I added a new push switch to the dash. In general, it's a car you can feel good about driving daily, but won't feel bad when it's not in a garage.
It's currently inspected, titled and registered in Virginia (I'm located about 6 miles away from DC in Falls Church, VA).
It's not that I'm getting out of the hobby, but our '75 Westy has been a much better vehicle for family traveling and camping, and there's no sense for me to keep this car and not use it when someone else could.
With the car you'll get all of the Type 3 spares I have - 2 additional, serviceable rear quarter panels, some FI parts, the original rear quarter windows, and basically anything else I can find that's type 3-specific. 
Price-wise, I'm looking for $4K, but we can talk. Getting it to a good home is probably the most important thing to me.
Probably the best way to see pictures and have questions answered is just to email me at dougbrashear AT yahoo.com, as most of the pics are on my phone. 
Thanks,- Doug

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