[T3] 2020 Type 3 Invasion!

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On the trip out to Carthage in 2010, I vapor locked my 65 Notch at our first rest stop. Got to the end of the on ramp when both carbs were dry. Put in the spare mechanical pump, and reprimed the carbs and away we went. From that point on, I didn't shut it off unless it was going to be sitting for over an hour. Once we got to Carthage, in talking with Brian Fye, I picked up an electric fuel pump. I later plumbed it in, but it didn't fix the issue, because the mechanical pump was blocking the fuel flow. I found this out after we got back, when I took the car to my paint supplier and picked up some stuff from him (was in the store for about 20 minutes). Got a mile down the road and it vapor locked again. This time, I by passed the mechanical pump, and got home on the electric. I later redid some of the temporary plumbing, but left it all except the pump push rod in place. What I found was my all aluminum engine case was holding in the heat, causing the mechanical pump to vapor lock. When the pump would vapor lock, it sealed off any fuel flow thru it. By taking it out of the system, and going just electric, I eliminated that issue, and haven't had a vapor lock since. It might be something for you to look into.
Bob 65 Notch w/Sunroof.

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PS My T3 Invasion Dream: someone gets so sick of me going back to pour water over my fuel pump to restart after driving that they take pity and help me figure out my dang 14-year old vapor lock problem. I corresponded with the list regarding this issue back to 2005 (I tried it all Jim!) have done everything recommended and/or imaginable besides putting in an electric pump to compensate, and the condition persists. Just today I stopped near some CA super blooms to take some photos (of the Sqbk framed by the flowers, of course) and didn't dare turn it off, knowing if I did for longer than a few minutes I would have to get the Water Bottle of Shame out. :/

In going back over the threads, hypothetically, assuming my beloved ceramic OTT muffler causes so much heat sink that I can't avoid the condition without something to compensate, is there an in-line fuel pump that I could switch on to just get it started, but that would then allow fuel to flow through mechanically when shut off? 

-Dave/CA Dreamer

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Wow, West Coast! I will plan now to attend my first T3 event since the Berkeley Marina Mini-Meet, Sept 1999. =)  

Amazing...the photos are still up! http://vwtype3.org/scrapbook/sfbay/

As Greg wrote in the follow-up: "Modest beginnings. :)  Sonny brought his new '67 Fastback, Tim brought a two-wheeler since his T34 is in pieces, David and Jen brought the '68 Squareback that's been in David's family since new, and my daughter Emily
and I brought our '69 Squareback."

Looking forward to 2020!


68 sqbk

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