[T3] 2020 Type 3 Invasion!

Daniel K. Du Vall dduvall at 1peter4-10.org
Mon Apr 1 11:14:28 PDT 2019

LOL well I also need to come up with the extra cash that lies where the problem is ;-)

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It's a good thing invasion is not until next year. It will give you more than a year to get your car ready. <g>

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Sadly I will not be able to attend this year My 72 Square had major bearing problems which are causing a lack of oil pressure.
I am adding in gear oil for now and only using it as a backup car for when maintenance my other cars.
So a 40 hour 2604 mile min trip is out of the question ;-)

Daniel Du Vall

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Yes folks, it is that time again.  Time to start making your plans to attend the 2020 Type 3 Invasion.  Hard to believe that we have been doing this since 2002 and that this will be our 10th Invasion. Wow!

We are gong back to our roots a little bit for our 10th Invasion.  Brian Fye, who started this whole thing back in 2002, has agreed to host again back on the West Coast.

We will be holding the 2020 Invasion June 18-21, 2020 in Crescent City, CA.

The exact location is still being worked out, but Brian has already done some legwork and has a host hotel all lined up for us.  All the details that we know so far I have put on the 2020 Invasion website:

http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2020Invasion/ <http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2020Invasion/>

Check it out and start making your plans and saving your pennies.  Let me know if you plan to attend so we can start putting pins in the Invader’s map.

Crescent City or bust!

John Jaranson
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