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I took apart the 73 type3 FI AH unit because the 72 unit was suddenly hanging up and caused pinging . I got new fiber and steel washers/shims from Glenn Ring . The only difference it the washers that fit inside the trigger cam are the same ID and larger OD . Since the steel washers still looked good I just trimmed down one fiber washer to fit and use an old one for reference. I did measure the ones at the drive end and replaced the steel and fiber washers and measured the steel ones there are 2 and used new ones that were very close to the old in thickness. None of the bushings or shafts were worn. I never did find any spec on how much up/down play there should be at the drive end yet it has to be close to what it should be since the little wear and I’ve driven it in very hot days so it should have enough play not to seize up and I oiled all the bushings and shaft as well as the felt insert near the oil port .

 What I do wonder is there is one small plastic ring that sits on a boss on the shaft in line with the advance weights , it seems it’s function is some sort of stop so the weights don’t go in against the shaft . The only photo’s I’ve found are here. 


 On the left see the 2 red weight washers just above and to the left of the left red washer, I can’t tell if this is the metal washer under the c clip that secures the upper advance shaft . All I know is it’s red and a sort of plastic stop. 

 Anyone know what I’m talking about? It was one the AH yet cracked and if it is a weight stop and missing wouldn’t it cause the advance to come in a tad later? 


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