[T3] using original FI fuel pump wiring for aftermarket pump

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Thu Apr 4 02:49:09 PDT 2019

Jim wrote:
"When you had FI, the brain controlled the relay and the relay 
controlled the pump. This was done so the FI brain wouldn't have to 
handle the full pump current, just the relay coil current.

You can use the relay if you like. That would have the advantage of 
reducing the load on the ignition switch."

I know I removed the brain (this was back in '86 before the T3 list existed
and I was desperate to solve repeated FI issues) but the relay is surely
there... wherever that relay is! I will dig into my manuals. Based on the
above and assuming all of the stock wires are still there will bringing a
wire from the ignition to the relay then hypothetically allow me to use the
original FI pump wires down under? That would be swell. =)

Regarding the pump, I ended up going with a Carter p90091 from Summit


which is surely the same kit as this one being offered at nearly 2x the


If the aircooled.net unit above was the now-coveted original P60504 (which
is 30gph as opposed to 15gph) it would be selling for ~$150+ so IMO it must
be the p90091. 

Many thanks!


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