[T3] No love: electric fuel pump fails to cure ~12+ year vapor lock issue

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Sun Apr 7 22:47:20 PDT 2019

I'm stunned: took several hours to do a nice, clean install of the Carter
fuel pump and Revolution Electronics fuel pump relay. Turned the key, heard
the pump run for 3 sec, started right up and ran great. I took it out today
(85 degrees out) and got the engine just past 180 deg on a 20-min run, then
parked at the Lowes for about 15 minutes. When I got back, horror: exact
same condition. Despite giving the electric fuel pump a few extra blasts
with the key: no love.it just kept turning over. I refused to give up until
I was worried the battery would be too low (about 2 minutes of on-off
cranking) I went back and gave the carbs a feel (since now the mechanical FP
is totally out of the loop) and they were indeed quite hot. I got the
trusty-yet-despised Water Bottle of Shame Out, poured a bit on each, and it
started and ran fine. 


Since the fuel lines have good separation from anything hot and I ostensibly
did a proper job with the new routing (main line enters engine bay through
grommet, connects to an in-line filter, then to the T-splitter to each carb,
nowhere touching metal) I am now thinking the vapor lock is in the carbs
(boiling the fuel when I stop at temp?). Specifically, since the phenolic
spacers were there last time I checked (!) to see if they are cracked or if
I am missing the other gasket (doubtful). I went back to the 2007 thread(s)
when we batted this problem back and forth extensively, and basically, the
issue is the same, and now the electric pump has failed to cure it. Hmmmm. 


Thoughts? Suggestions? TIA!



68 sqbk

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