[T3] fuel lines and vapor lock

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Mon Apr 8 03:34:49 PDT 2019

Thinking the position of the fuel lines could be a(nother) source of my
vapor lock issue I did some rerouting. Today when the condition happened
again with my new electric fuel pump, the fuel lines were routed as per the
below. Note, the line touched the sheet metal where the larger piece of
tubing is wrapped around the fuel line. It was not touching the oil cooler
even though it looks that way from above:




https://ibb.co/sqrSgqk  (shows the previous gap between the oil cooler and
fuel line)


Whether or not that routing was problematic, here is how I have rerouted the
lines so there is no contact anywhere. Better? I would rather have them out
of sight under the air cleaner but whatever it takes





So, the entire system from the fuel tank back to the carbs:

1.	the screen was intact and clean
2.	There is a filter before the pump, which is then lined to the hard
line  ( https://ibb.co/c1v9mw3  )
3.	From the hard line into the engine cpt through grommet to filter
pictured above   
4.	From filter to T-fitting, to carbs


That's the entire fuel system. Thoughts, hunches, suggested voodoo rituals? 



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