[T3] vapor lock and spacers cont'd

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Mon Apr 8 11:35:10 PDT 2019

Man, tell me about it! After much discussion in 2005 we spent time on the
list in 2007 as well on the same issue. It was around that time I acquired a
vintage RV and started pouring time and $ into that, and was only driving
the square sporadically (and would either time my stops or get out the WBOS)
so I never got back to the issue. Now that the electric pump is installed I
guess I will leave it, but basically between the pump, the relay, and the
time, I wasted $120 and 5 hours, and if time travel was easy I would happily
keep that in my pocket and roll with the mechanical. :/

Spacer update: Alex at ISP called and they have a set. Shipping out today.

Happy Camper,


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I wish you had found this out before spending so much time installing an
electric fuel pump!


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