[T3] type3-vwtype3.org Digest, Vol 103, Issue 17

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon Apr 15 23:28:57 PDT 2019

On 16 Apr 2019 at 2:16, J. Jonik wrote:

> Hitherto unnoticed, was that the ground connection to the battery was a
> mess.  It actually moved, by hand, though tightened previously with two 13"
> combo wrenches...one to work the nut, the other to hold the square 13" other
> side of the bolt.     Took off the ground cable connection, ground and
> hack-sawed the link to better situation,

What you discovered is that the clamp has been squeezed closed over 
the years, which keeps it from sliding all the way down on the 
tapered battery post. The solution is to remove the clamp bolt and 
use 2 screwdrivers to lever the clamp open. 

When you're done, the clamp should slip ALL the way down on the post. 
You'll know it's ALL the way down because the post will then protrude 
slightly above the top of the clamp. This gives the best contact and 
a permanent good connection.

BTW, NEVER try to cure this problem by hammering the clamp down on 
the post. That will appear to work, but it is almost certain to 
seriously damage the battery. This damage won't appear right away, so 
people who use this method will seldom figure out what went wrong.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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