[T3] Fuel Pump Circuit

Dennis Stiefel dad23boys at live.com
Sat Apr 20 08:38:42 PDT 2019

It has been a VERY busy school year for reasons I will not get into.  If some remember I put a low millage trans in Clementine about two and a half years ago that came out of the parts car we had when we were in restoring mode a few years ago. I have been disappointed ever since because there has been an input shaft noise since installation. Finally after the invasion I have had enough of the noise and decided to put the original one back in till I can get this fixed on the low millage one. We pulled it out back around the holidays and because of other things going on around the school had to put it on the back burner.  On a side note to Jim we did address the things you pointed out in the shop when everyone was at the school as far as the air cleaner position and a few other things and Keith we got the handle repainted and installed. The kids got the engine and trans bolted back up Thursday and I hooked up all the wires and hoses yesterday while all the students were out for Good Friday. Here is where the problem is. Back in the summer I installed one of Jim's toggle switch kits for the fuel pump (love by the way) so I used it to primed the lines as we installed new hoses on the engine as the old ones are about 6 to 7 years old and were getting stiff.  After that I started it but it shut back down. I went to see what that was about and noticed the fuel pump was not engaging at all no second click after I turn on the ignition switch. I started chasing wires to make sure I hooked everything back up right. Ive compared it to photos I took on my iPhone of the engine installed before and can't find anything. Wiring diagram in the Bentley don't help much because most of the numbers have disappeared over the years since it was made in 72.  I guess my question is did I hook up a wire wrong somewhere and just can't find that mistake or has something gone wrong with the harness or the ECU while the engine was out?  The pump and relay works fine when I engage it with the toggle switch. The engine will run if I hold the switch down.  I'll keep digging today and see if I can find something.

Dennis Stiefel
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville, AL
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