[T3] 73 T-3 generator belt?

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Wed Dec 4 17:42:03 PST 2019

The original belt was 9.5 x 1000 mm. I would think 10mm x 39.5" should work fine, but your fellow Americans will tell you the US size.  It's annoying that as demand falls, the correct parts become harder to find, even for cars only 20 years old, like my Jetta mk3.

UK VW Type 3 and 4 Club.

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I looked up the belt Gates states my 73 should have a 7395 which is 10 mm x
39.5 " or 1003mm working length.

 I had a gates belt and it is a 7390 and on my car is a 15390 Napa both are
1/2" shorter . I have a spare 72 crank pulley and it is the same depth and
width as the one in my car.

 I can adjust the 7390 and 15390 tight or with the 5/8" slack between the
pulleys . I can't recall why I got the 1/2" shorter belts all I recall is
one was from Napa and that's what they said it used.

 I'm afraid if I get the gates 7395 it will be to long .

 Does anyone know what they use?

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