[T3] Have another question on 73 T-3 front seat cable

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The left side should mirror the right side. At least that's how all of the VW 
seats I've had were.

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 The more I try to fix little issues old ones continue to stand out. Also
the more I realize, 73's and later 72's Volkswagen decided to change things
mainly in the interior.

 There is a knob door side of the seat back purpose is to slid up allowing
the seat back to tilt forward . The right works , the left does not move up
enough and since I've had this car I need to use this knob and the back
tilt knob in combination in order to simply to tilt the seat back forward .

 I looked at the right and see a cable with no tube drop down on the
outside of the backs outer black  frame pivot arm that has a pivot bolt to
seat back to the seat base . It works yet I don't think I should see the
cable. One the left seat same deal except the cable is looped around the
back of the same pivot bolt on the right the cable is not looped . The way
it's looped around the back of the pivot bolt boss won't allow the cable
release knob to move fully up on the side of the seat back.

 Does anyone know how this cable should be routed? It's always been like
this making it a battle to simply tilt the back forward . Anytime I need to
work in the rear seat area with the front seat all the way forward driver
side I need to tilt the back forward or it's in the way.

 I cannot find one photo of how that cable should be and I've looked on
every search and site I can think of . I doubt it came where it can be

 I was going to remove the door side plastic seat trim cover and look.
Perhaps I can figure it out and route both sides the same way so they both
work with no cable exposed .

 When I got this car the front seat original covers had new ones pulled
over the torn originals so both sides were apart. I had them recovered in
the mid 90's yet the place that did the work left the cables as they are

 Any help would be appreciated.

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