[T3] So I put it to the test!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Jul 6 18:53:01 PDT 2019

Drove the 2056 up on a hot day, 88, with the boat in tow and it sure did get

without the boat it usually ran 225-230 oil temp on a hot day like that but
pulling the boat

it would run 240-245, and up the big hill even when I slowed down and put it
in 3rd and took my time I had 

it touch 250!   TOO HOT!  Heads didnt seem to past 350, that didnt seem too
bad to me but what do you think?



So even with the oil cooler on there if you use that HP on a hot day it gets


One thing Ive noticed that when it gets in the 80's the mixture runs richer
than it does with outdoor temps in the 70's  or below,

but a good half to one percentage point.  I suppose this is good in the heat
but does it perhaps make the oil temps hotter with a richer mixture?


It made it, got the boat here and it wasnt at 250 for long at all but it
will sit 240-245 if I try to maintain 70

on a hot day with something in tow. worried about trying to cross the desert
with this engine even with nothing in tow if I 

drive it to the invasion.


I pulled the boat on a 96 degree day once with the stock engine, ahh..  the
good ol days!






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