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Tue Jul 30 18:35:11 PDT 2019

Ive had an occasional miss since the T4 engine went in, low RPM mainly and
worse when 

the mixture was leaner and when the FI trigger timing was less advanced, but
always there.

Thought it might be mixture related as its worse when leaner, but then
again... feels like

ignition, sprayed up the wires and found a couple things but didnt improve.
well.. finally got around to spraying up the 

spark plug connectors and Walla!  #1 had a cracked connector on it and it
had been jumping thru!  NO MORE MISS!

Been chasing that ghost for years...  Now Im not as leery at running things
leaner, and can retard the FI timing back a bit,

got two 91 degree days since to heat test this 2056


Cruising highway, 70-73 MPH, 3400 RPM


Oil 230-233

Heads max out at 310 on the hills

42-43lbs oil pressure, and a good 12-15 at idle when coming off the highway.


im happy with this.


Its notably hotter when im towing under these conditions, but still not TOO


Now to do the last of the fine tuning...






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